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Have a Dodge Charger?  If so, “out of the box” underglow isn’t your best option.  These cars are LONG, and the front ends are wide.  AF.

This kit comes with a total of 8 pieces, making sure there isn’t a dark spot left on your vehicle – from the extended sides, two piece front, to even including underglow for behind each rear wheel.  Finish it off with a pair of strips the perfect length to fit between your rear exhaust.

Ever seen a normal underglow kit on a charger?  It shows..  Don’t be out of the box – get the Glowe for your car.


Wanna add a little mischief to your next build? We have somthing to help with that. Our new angry eye halos can be oriented in tons of different ways to create the look that fits your ride best. These were designed around the typical 2.5 and 3" projectors so they will fit like a glove on shrouds from the gatlin to the turbine and plenty in between. get yours today.