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Transform the interior of your vehicle with our Color Chase Interior Dash Trim Kit! This all-inclusive kit is designed for seamless installation, incorporating a set of four footwell pods for an elevated, immersive lighting effect. Experience the dazzling display as your vehicle's interior comes alive with millions of vibrant colors and dynamic chasing patterns, all at the tap of an app or the click of a remote!

LED Type

Color Chase: Delight in the full-color functionality offered by our Color Chase LED lights. Let the dynamic color-chasing feature create an exciting and eye-catching atmosphere within your vehicle.


Bluetooth with RF Remote: Each of our kits includes a Bluetooth controller paired with an RF remote, ensuring that control of your vehicle's lighting is always within reach. Download our dedicated app for comprehensive control of your vehicle's LED lights directly from your phone, or opt for the handy RF remote.


Our comprehensive kit is designed to offer expansive coverage, including the following cuttable components for precise fit:

- 1 x 43 inch (110cm) strip for the large part of your dash
- 1 x 8 inch (20cm) strip for the small part of your dash
- 4 x 29.5 inch (75cm) strips for your door panels
- 4 x footwell pods

Power Options

To accommodate diverse power requirements, we include both a 12V power cord and a cigarette lighter power adapter with each kit.


Flashtech is committed to providing an unrivaled experience for your LED customization needs. Our extensive network of authorized dealers throughout America stands ready to ensure professional setup and installation of your car LED lights.

Order Includes
- 1 x 43 inch Flex Strip for the large part of your dash
- 1 x 8 inch Flex Strip for the small part of your dash
- 4 x 29.5 inch Flex Strips for your door panels
- 4 x Footwell Pods
- 1 x Bluetooth Controller with RF Remote
- 1 x 12V Power Cord
- 1 x Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter

Looking at getting custom lights? Watch this video to get a better idea what to expect and what to look out for.