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Upgrade your Toyota Camry with our Braggin Lightz Custom Headlight Set. Tailored for all Camry trims from 2018 to 2023, these lights are not just replacements but a significant enhancement to your vehicle's aesthetics and visibility.

Key Features:

  • Brand New Housings: Starting with fresh, quality housings for reliability and longevity.
  • Custom Lens Etching: Personalize your headlights with unique etchings. Choose your design and list it at checkout. Click here
  • Upgraded DRLs: Animated RGBW LEDs give a dynamic, eye-catching appearance.
  • RGBW Demon Eyes: Match your DRLs for a cohesive, vibrant look.
  • Advanced Control with BlueGhozt: Offering a spectrum of animations and color changes, including 8 startup animations and 6 turn signal options.
  • Optional Upgrades: Enhance the look further with RGB hex, RGB corners, and animated fog bezels (Note: Fog bezels are not compatible with 2021+ Camry models).

Warranty and Build Time:

  • 6-Month Parts and Labor Warranty: We stand by our craftsmanship, offering a 6-month warranty. Customers are responsible for return shipping in case of any issues.
  • Build Time: Each set is made to order, requiring 2 weeks plus backlog time.

Legal Compliance and Safety:

  • Road Safety Compliant: While designed for maximum impact, please ensure adherence to local road laws.
  • Brighter, Safer Roads: Beyond aesthetics, these lights improve visibility for safer driving.

Whether you're looking to make a statement at car meets or want a unique touch for your daily driver, Braggin Lightz for the Toyota Camry is your answer. Order now and transform your Camry into a true showstopper! 🚗💡🌟

Looking at getting custom lights? Watch this video to get a better idea what to expect and what to look out for.