Our backlog is 3-4 months out, contact us directly to get on the schedule.

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Now's your chance to get a set of Braggin Lightz for your 2012-2017 Hyundai Veloster. Each set starts with brand new housings, we upgrade the projectors to Bi-LED projectors, add custom lens etching, upgrade the Drls with animated RGBW LEDs and matching RGBW animated Demon eyes, Add a LED backlit custom acrylic with your design, and a BlueGhozt controller with built in battery saver to make a true show stopper to wow the crowd. The set in the pictures was made custom for the owner and we will change up the theme to match your needs as well.

Dress up bolts in the lights will cost extra.

This whole setup is run by the BlueGhozt controller for a level of control that is on the next level. You can switch between 8 different startup animations, 6 different Turn signal functions. And on top of that you can change the colors for all of those signals at the push of a button. Want blue turn signals? No problem.

Etch options can be seen here. Please reach out to us before ordering so we can tailor your lights to best fit your car.

Please follow your local laws while driving on the street

These lights are made to order, build time is 2 weeks plus backlog time.

Looking at getting custom lights? Watch this video to get a better idea what to expect and what to look out for.