Our backlog is over 6 months out, contact us directly to get on the schedule.

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Flashtech's WIFI Fusion RF controller is a versatile unit that is used for controlling a variety of RGB LED Light sources. With both a wireless RF Colorwheel remote and Magic Color 3.0 smart phone app. One of Flashtech's more powerful controllers, this unit can be used with all Flashtech color changing led products. Universal screw terminal connections provide easy wiring with any 4 wire RGB lighting setup.

Flashtech's original smart phone controller, can be controlled via the RF Colorwheel remote or with the Magic Color 3.0 App with your Android or Apple iPhone. The Smartphone app allows uses a custom color wheel which allows you to utilize the entire color spectrum. In addition to the colorwheel there are also 10 preset modes. These modes include 7 standard colors (red, green, blue, aqua, purple, yellow and white) as well as three options for flashing and blending colors. Additional features include a remote range of over 75 feet, preset color options and a handful of other adjustable effects.

Magic Color 3.0 App Features:
● RGB colorwheel which allows you to utilize the entire color spectrum.
● 10 Preset modes
● 7 standard Preset colors (red, green, blue, aqua, purple, yellow and white) as well
● three flashing and blending modes

Technical Parameters:
● Working temperature: -4 - 140 F
● Supply voltage: DC12V - 24V
● Output: 3 channels (RGB)
● Connecting mode: common anode
● RF Requency: 433Mhz
● Static power consumption: <1 W
● Output current: <4A (each channel)
● Output power: 12V<144W

Custom Built Lights

First we would like to thank everyone for the amazing support over the years. Without you guys we would have never been able to come this far. Unfortunatly all of that love has us backlogged out past 6 months on new builds. Being that the backlog is so long we are asking that anyone interested in having a custom set of lights made contact us directly either through our facebook or email with the understanding that there will be a bit of a wait till we can get your lights done. We appreciate this understanding while we attempt to get the backlog down to a more reasonable time frame.

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