Our backlog is 3-4 months out, contact us directly to get on the schedule.

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So you dont need your headlights flashing colors like the light boards in close encounters of the 3rd kind. We get that, and we think we have just the thing. This set has Mini H1 projectors and 2Stroke 2.0s with a Mini X-5 Switchback shroud. Gloss Black housings, and a centered Projector to fill out the Low beam hole. We added sequential switchback LEDs along the top and frosted the cover for a nice diffused look. A clean build with just enough flare to not be mistaken for a stock set of lights.


These lights are made to order, build time is 2 weeks plus backlog time.

Looking at getting custom lights? Watch this video to get a better idea what to expect and what to look out for.