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We had the flexible SK6813 strips Made for use with our 5mm LEDS found Here. But we felt like we needed a little more so we decided to expand our UCS lineup, introducing our UCS2903 RGB rigid strips. These are RGB color order so the colors will match our 5mm leds, these are 25ma vs 17ma on our UCS2904 and 12ma on SK6812 options. These are 12v so please make sure power is applied properly. 

Individually addressable 12V RGB Pixel 144 LED Rigid strip

  1. 144 pixels, individually addressable, RGB leds, on a rigid PCB that is 12V.
  2. UCS2903 RGB LED with RGB color order. 
  3. UCS2903 brings ultra reliability so you can build with confidence 
  4. These come as 144 LEDs per meter sold by the meter but split into half meter strips for easier handling.
  5. These are fully compatible with Ghozt and SP controllers

Standard 2 year warranty on all unmodified strips. The unmodified defective unit will need to be returned for warranty replacement. Please test strips prior to any cutting to ensure nothing was damaged in shipping. 


Wanna add a little mischief to your next build? We have somthing to help with that. Our new angry eye halos can be oriented in tons of different ways to create the look that fits your ride best. These were designed around the typical 2.5 and 3" projectors so they will fit like a glove on shrouds from the gatlin to the turbine and plenty in between. get yours today.