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Flashtech Wireless RF RGB Controller is a versatile unit that is used to control a variety of RGB color changing LED Light sources. One of Flashtech's most powerful controllers, this unit can be used with all Flashtech color changing led products. Universal screw terminal connections provide easy wiring with any 4 wire RGB lighting setup.

Flashtech's unique RF RGB controller gives the user control via the wireless RF remote or directly from the actual control module itself. In addition, the control module has three led’s , one red, one green and one blue, that light up or flash showing exactly what your led lights are doing. This allows the user to be able to mount the 12v led light controller inside the vehicle and see what options are being selected without having to view the actual light source!

Technical Parameters:
● Working temperature: -40 - 140 F
● Supply voltage: DC12V
● Output: 3 channels
● Connecting mode: common anode
● External dimension: L121 Χ W53 Χ H25 mm
● Packing size: L150 Χ W76 Χ H51 mm
● Net weight: 9oz
● Gross weight: 10oz
● Static power consumption: <1 W
● Output current: <4 A (each channel)
● Output power: 12V: <144W

Looking at getting custom lights? Watch this video to get a better idea what to expect and what to look out for.