Our backlog is over 6 months out, contact us directly to get on the schedule.

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Pontiac G8 V.3 Fusion Color Change External Waterproof LED Halo Fog Light Kit 2008-2009, originally designed and uniquely manufactured by Flashtech, are the most advanced halo kit ever designed. Flashtech’s Fusion color changing technology eliminates the frustration of choosing just one halo color and enables complete halo customization with the press of a button.

Flashtech Fusion Color Changing surface mount waterproof halo kits come with everything you need to mount waterproof halos directly to the outside of your existing fog lights! Each kit includes custom vehicle specific halos, complete installation instructions, and externally mounted waterproof LED drivers.

Flashtech V.3 Fusion Color Change External Mount Waterproof Fog Light Halo Kit Includes :

  • Vehicle Specific Components : Pontiac G8 2008, 2009
  • (2) V.3 Fusion Color Change External Mount Waterproof Fog Light Halo Rings
  • (2) Waterproof External LED Drivers
  • (1) Complete Wiring and Installation Guide
  • Everything needed to mount waterproof halos to the outside of your existing Fog lights

Custom Built Lights

First we would like to thank everyone for the amazing support over the years. Without you guys we would have never been able to come this far. Unfortunatly all of that love has us backlogged out past 6 months on new builds. Being that the backlog is so long we are asking that anyone interested in having a custom set of lights made contact us directly either through our facebook or email with the understanding that there will be a bit of a wait till we can get your lights done. We appreciate this understanding while we attempt to get the backlog down to a more reasonable time frame.

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