NEW Flowing RGBW Halos(Cool White)(GRBW Color Order)

Braggin Lightz

Wanna add some killer show modes to your builds? Flowing LEDs are a great way to spice up that build. They can be any color you want and the push of a button turns on the show modes when desired. Add a Blue Ghozt controller to get animated DRLs and sequential switchbacks on top of the better show modes with more control.

Halos are sold as pairs

DIY parts will require some wiring

Our halos come with a standard 2 year warranty. Warranty does not cover obvious wiring failure or Tampering with the diffusion coating. The defective unit will need to be returned to Braggin Lightz for replacement unit to be sent.

Color flow diffused heart halos NOW IN STOCK

introducing our new color flow heart halos, in stock and ready to ship