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Flashtechs HID Bi-Xenon Harness is the exactly the same harness that comes with our Bi-Xenon HID conversion kits. One HID bi-xenon harness powers the HID kit for both the left and right headlight. Flashtechs HID Bi-Xenon Harnesses are used to control the beam position of the HID bulbs and are designed to work with Bi-Xenon high/low bulbs. However, this HID harness will not convert low beam bulbs to high/low bulbs; you must already have bulbs that have a Bixenon high and low functionality. To control your vehicles beams, make sure you have Flashtechs HID Bi-Xenon harness installed!

Package Includes:
(1) - HID Bi-Xenon Harness

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