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Flashtech Premiere 32v Canbus HID Conversion Kit is the most advanced aftermarket HID kit to ever be produced. The top of the line Premiere HID ballast uses a 32v digital processor with an intelligent auto shut-down feature built in. This feature will sense a voltage spike or drop and will auto shutdown to protect itself and the car. The digital processor in our 32v HID conversion kit offers state of the art canbus technology, giving you maximum functionality that rivals even the most expensive OEM factory ballasts.
Flashtech Premiere Hid Kits are compatible with any car, truck, off-road or commercial vehicle and was developed to work on even the most complicated CANBUS systems, by providing increased resistance and stabilizing fluctuating power signals.
Flashtech Premiere HID bulbs have been designed specifically for Flashtech's HID kits and includes plug and play waterproof connections that ensures a quick and clean replacement. Whether you are trying to replace an existing failed HID kit or looking to upgrade to the latest technology, Flashtech Premiere HID Conversion Kit is the best solution for your vehicles lighting needs!

Product Features:
  • 3X Brighter Than OEM Lighting
  • 50% Less Power Consuption
  • 10X Longer Life Than Factory Lighting
  • Waterproof, Dustproof and Shockproof
  • Works on Cars, Trucks and SUV'S
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacture defects

Technical Specs:
  • Input voltage range: 9V - 32V
  • Output power: 35W
  • Digital ballast with auto protection
  • Range Eliminates Canbus Issues
  • Instant ignition voltage: 23000V~25000V
  • Ballast lifespan: 3500 hours

Package Includes:
  • (2) FLASHTECH PREMIERE 32V Full Digital Canbus HID Ballasts
  • (2) FLASHTECH HID plug and play Hid ballast power wire
  • Complete Mounting Hardware
  • FLASHTECH Installation Written Instructions
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacture defects!

Custom Built Lights

First we would like to thank everyone for the amazing support over the years. Without you guys we would have never been able to come this far. Unfortunatly all of that love has us backlogged out past 6 months on new builds. Being that the backlog is so long we are asking that anyone interested in having a custom set of lights made contact us directly either through our facebook or email with the understanding that there will be a bit of a wait till we can get your lights done. We appreciate this understanding while we attempt to get the backlog down to a more reasonable time frame.

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