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The FLASHTECH Fusion F2 line of replacement turn signal and brake light bulbs feature an unsurpassed level of brightness and quality. This bulb utilizes Fusion CSP technology which produces 1000 lumens of vibrant light with sharp hues while consuming only 1/3rd the power of factory bulbs. Commonly used in turn signals and brake lights as an easy, cost efficent way to dramatically increase the light output of your car or truck with a simple plug and play design!

These LED bulbs are used in turn signals and brake lights.. Please keep in mind that turn signal applications may require Load resitors to prevent flickering issues.

6000K Color Temperature
1000 Lumen light output
13 High Power Fusion LED diodes per bulb
Top mounted optical projector lens provides 360 degree output
Proprietary forward mounted heatsink ensures 100% plug and play installation

Package Contents::
One pair (2 pieces) Fusion F2 18W High Power LED Bulbs in retail blister pack

Note: This LED bulb is not designed for headlight illumination purpose. These bulbs can only be used for turn signals, reverse lights and brake lights

Looking at getting custom lights? Watch this video to get a better idea what to expect and what to look out for.