Diffused SK6812 RGBW Rigid Strips(GRBW Color Order)

Braggin Lightz

Tubes have their place but sometimes its hard to beat a nice silicone coated strip. These strips are made with SK6812 RGBW chips on a semi rigid strip with 3m 2 sided tape to help secure it. These can be cut every 3 leds, just follow the markings on the back. There are solder pads every 3 leds on the back so you can add outputs or cut a strip into multiple strips to help you maximize options while still having the clean coating.
  1. Strips come in 12" and 24" sections.
  2. This listing is for 1 strip. You will need to order 2 if you need a pair.
  3. Individually addressable 5050 sk6812 RGBW 144 LEDs per meter LED strips.
  4. Our new 10k white coating creates a nice clean white and helps to hide that led look for a more uniform look. 
  5. Fully compatible with BlueGhozt and RGBW compatible SP controllers like the SP105 and the SP110.
  6. These are GRBW color order and compatible with our SK6812 RGBW Halos and strips as well as our Hex and Rigid strips.(please ensure proper voltage is sent to the appropriate Leds.)
  7. These are 5v, please ensure proper voltage is applied to the strips
  8. Standard 2 year warranty on all unmodified strips. The unmodified defective unit will need to be returned for warranty replacement. 

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