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When the 2.5 just isn't big enough our 3" led projectors fit the mark, amazing results at an affordable price. We have tried just about every projector out there and while some high priced options have big name brand logos ours just focus on performance at a reasonable price. Small, bright, threaded shaft, internal driver, and still a Bi-Xenon projector. In our testing at 75ft this projector outperformed the MLED 2.0 by 30%
Optional etch designs can be seen here

Small size: the lens diameter is 80MM, length is only 150MM, shaft is 20MM. With the small driver it does not take up much space.
Easy installation: With non-destructive bracket and H4/H7/9005(hb3)/9006(hb4) mounting accessories this projector can directly replace your original car halogen or xenon bulb projector, no need to modify headlight reflectors.
Led chips and lighting effect: With 6g chips, output is 45W 5500K 3020-3250lux for low beam and 54W for high beam. Our low beam is wide and clear, and the high beam wide and focused. With LEDs the lights are instant on, there is no delay like with HIDs.
Cooling module : A high speed cooling fan and aluminum heat sink are combined to provide high efficiency heat dissipation.

Item Name
Braggin Lightz 3" LED Bi-Xenon Projectors
45W Low 54W High beam
Work temperature
Color temperature


Wanna add a little mischief to your next build? We have somthing to help with that. Our new angry eye halos can be oriented in tons of different ways to create the look that fits your ride best. These were designed around the typical 2.5 and 3" projectors so they will fit like a glove on shrouds from the gatlin to the turbine and plenty in between. get yours today.