7" x 6" Sealed Beam Headlight Assemblies



Flashtech V.3 Fusion Color Change replacement headlight assemblies can be used for any vehicle with 7? x 6" Rectangle headlight assemblies. Flashtech's all in one design allows for a compact unit that can be used as headlamp replacements for Jeeps, motorcycles, buggies, off-roaders or your classic hot rod! Each light utilizes a rugged polycarbonate lamp housing, Glass Lens and includes V.3 Fusion Color Changing halos already installed. Installation is very easy and includes Halogen H4 6000k 60/55w bulbs. Stand out from the crowd or tackle a new trail with Flashtech's V.3 Fusion Color Change Halo Headlight Assemblies.

Package Includes:
Flashtech 7" x 6" round Headlight Assemblies
Halogen H4 6000k 60/55w bulbs
Pre-installed Fusion V.3 color changing halos
External LED Drivers
24 key wireless RGB controller

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