Our backlog is 3-4 months out, contact us directly to get on the schedule.

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We are always trying to bring new things to cars without options. The fog lights on a forester are a large focal point and there haven't been many options for us. Well we think we have a pretty good solution. Using a set of our Fog lights we created an ABS 3D printed bracket that attaches to the factory brackets and retains factory angle adjustment. Our fog lights include switchback halos and come in a 5500k White and a 3800k Yellow. 

Free Shipping on these Fog Lights

These are made to order, they will ship 1-2 weeks after ordered.

Build Backlog

We are working hard to get caught up but unfortunatly our backlog is still about 4 months out on new orders. With the exception of builds on our Refreshed and Ready to ship page all custom builds will take several months before they can ship. Thanks for your understanding and continued support.

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