18w LED Cube Fog Light: 6 LED Switchback White and Amber Standard Mount



Flashtech LED light bars are a new concept in off road and marine lighting applications. The light bars have an extremely high light output, a completely waterproof IP68-rated enclosure, and are shock-proof with a nearly unbreakable polycarbonate front lens cover. Unlike conventional halogen or HID lighting, LED lighting technology is completely immune to the shocks and vibrations commonly experienced in a 4WD or marine application, which shorten the lifespan of conventional lighting systems.

Flashtech LED Light Bars have been developed specifically to handle the harsh environments of the 4WD and marine worlds. They use state-of-the-art “Instant On” LED technology- allowing 100% of light output to be available immediately, giving a much brighter view to allow you to see farther and more clearly. Enthusiasts who are looking for an alternative to conventional lighting will enjoy the benefits of an LED lighting system, including: long life expectancy, low power draw, and a cool white color temperature.

Flashtech FTLB1218-WA uses 6 Cree LED lights in a compact package that can produce both 6000k White and Amber light. Turn power on to the light and it will show a brilliant 6000k White color, turn the power off and back on and now the light will show an amber color! This light can be used for anything from a forward light on a Jeep, a reverse light on a truck, a handlebar light on a Motorcycle, to a directional light on a trailer. With over 1200 raw lumens of light output, this small light has the ability to light even the darkest of areas!

● LED Power: 18W
● Operating Voltage: 10-30V DC
● Waterproof rate: IP 68
● 6pcs*3w high intensity CREE LEDs
● Color Temperature: 6000K White and Amber
● Material:Diecast aluminum housing
● Lens material:PMMA
● Mounting Bracket: Stainless Steel
● Opitonal Beam: spot beam
● 30000 hours above life time
● Size: 80mm*75mm*82mm
● Lumens: 1350
● Current Draw: 1.68 amps@12V

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