Our backlog is 3-4 months out, contact us directly to get on the schedule.

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We start with new Vland headlights, add 3" Bi-LED projectors for superior output, Etch the lenses with a design of your choice, add color flow halos, color flow demon eyes, custom acrylic, and color flow LEDs for the DRLs. All of this is controlled by the powerful BlueGhozt Controller giving you animated DRLs, sequential turn signals, and limitless show mode combos. we also add our Power saver modules to prevent dead batteries while not in use (running the lights will still draw power from your battery). To top it off we add Adams 10h graphene ceramic coating for a 7 year UV protection. 

Lens Etch designs can be viewed here 

These lights come with a 6 month parts and labor warranty. Customer is responsible for return shipping in the event of an issue.

Please follow your local laws while driving on the street

These lights are made to order, build time is 2 weeks plus backlog time.

Looking at getting custom lights? Watch this video to get a better idea what to expect and what to look out for.